Hiring Middlemen to Sell Stuff on eBay

final value fees

Instead, eBay will manage the transfer of funds to your preferred payment method. Make sure to update your account settings with your preferred options to transfer money. Did you know that you can NOW get paid on eBay even without a Paypal account? EBay has introduced a new way for sellers to get paid, which gives you more control over your earnings from your eBay store. Studies show that 79% of products sold on eBay are brand-new items.

  • All for profit corporations are always greedy.
  • If you have the funds and time, by all means, I wish you well with your venture.
  • That listing are refunded immediately upon the removal of the listing.
  • And one thing about that site is, they don’t like waiting too long before releasing you.

Business accounts require sellers to register with the government and provide additional information. Constantly monitor your feedback score, which you can see next to your username. Maintain a high score by asking for feedback from happy customers and promptly resolving the issues of unhappy ones. Ensure customer satisfaction to enhance your business reputation and attract more people to your store. A good eBay seller should handle negative feedback with grace.

If I could give zero starts I would, avoid at all costs

The assistant gathers information for the listing, and also takes digital pictures. But the San Jose, Calif., company stops short of endorsing any trading assistants. In a statement on its Web site, eBay says it provides its list of assistants as a service only, and does not guarantee their performance. EBay also does not set or negotiate their terms. Some local assistants charge a fixed-rate commission, while others use a sliding scale based on the item’s value. Local commissions typically range between 20 and 35 percent.

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Perspective An overlooked anti-monopoly tool: The U.S. Postal ….

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Determining whether more or less control over buyer-seller transactions will allow your firm to create or extract significantly more value involves the consideration of four factors. Whether you’re the founder of a start-up, a manager in an established business, or an investor, this article can help you evaluate which model—or mix of models—will work best. We’ve all been told the same old story — to make money; you’ve got to find a product idea, develop it, and sell to the customer. This is an ideal route for previous eBay sellers who would not want to leave their account inactive. Before opting for an assistant seller, you must have been a reputable eBay seller. If you’re not pretty good with paid Ads, you may lose some money.

What Makes EBay Invincible?

Rather than wait for them to run into a problem and contact customer support, Customer.io helps us proactively ensure our customers have a positive experience on our websites. You might not think of it this way, but middlemen that connect buyers and sellers are everywhere online. The most obvious ones are shopping sites like eBay that gather a bunch of merchants selling dog beds and the people looking to buy Fido a cozy cushion. So, if you aren’t selling on eBay at the moment, you should check to see if any of your products are being drop shipped on eBay.

EBay also charges you a final value fee, which the platform takes out when you sell a product. It includes a percentage of what a customer pays and another $0.30 per order. Multisided platforms generally create value by matching buyers with the right sellers and vice versa, and then enabling them to transact. In some contexts, however, one side might not want to deal with multiple agents on the other side, which makes the reseller model preferable. Resellers can extract value from buyers by bundling products and exploiting complementary relationships between them, as Apple has with its iTunes-iPod combination.

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Something like this is Lexi on behalf of Bill Cobb like they even read our e–mails I know for a fact they dont! EBay Investigators beware of 18 U.S.C failure to disclose felonious acts, why do you hold for upto 2 hours auctions before being posted and then one can see many illegal postings????. Wow, what a great topic… Well, I would like to address the “Ebay Investigator” before I provide my post. The people who critisize us and have no problem with ebay have no idea what they are in for once some competitor has it out for them. I have also signed up for a gathering place of suspended users to figure out what to do.

Survival for a corporation is making lots of money. EBay provides the customers, sellers provide the product. The cost of starting and building your own web store is expensive and time consuming. If you have the funds and time, by all means, I wish you well with your venture. But for the majority of people who want to start making money right away, you need to use an established store front that already has the traffic.

What is Escrow?

Instead of just covering the standard things, like the size and condition of the item, your competitor added a paragraph giving a nice narrative about the product. This has not only given the buyer further information, but it has injected some personality into the listing, which makes it stand out from the millions of “to-the-point” descriptions on eBay. Their listing used to have an old, clunky design, but now they’ve had a template designed to create a modern and professional looking listing. Maybe your competitor’s listing is the only one that is mobile optimized, and now they are winning more of the customers looking at the product on their phones. Whatever eBay’s reasons, this one is outside your control.

payment method

They are involved in contracts and effect the outcome of the contract. Many of the disputes are clearly covered by the Uniform Commercial Code and Consumer Law which is covered by Civil Code. Implied merchantabily of the goods sold applies unless the seller explicitly states “it is sold As Is” no warranty imlied or given.

eBay integrates Escrow.com enabling the buying and selling of vehicles online

https://coinbreakingnews.info/ sellers have more control over their selling policies. You can set your own return policy for example, or outright prohibit customer returns. You can also set your own handling time in business days, so that you’re not expected to ship out the same day. Generally, you just have to make sure your orders are delivered by the somewhat-generous estimated delivery date. Night and day at the computer, attending to spoof mails, which they just laugh at, and also attending to my customers every whim.

Several ebay middleman servicess have asked to write or start an email campaign. If anyone at EBay would ever even read it, why jeopardize your standing. There is obviously no rhyme or reason to their actions, and they can do whatever they want. It is certainly the best online auction currently available. Ebay suspended my mom’s account the first day she registered for absolutely no reason and paypal has still not sent her the remaining $149 from paypal due to her, since the spring.


With e-bay’s traffic it’s only good for liquidations only as these people want dirt cheap well it’s all about reducing your losses. My website that is on the “Field of Dreams” plan is outperforming ebay two fold right now. I built it and the buyers just started showing up, like Field of Dreams.

And with each sale, you get another client for your mailing list, because you get the person’s email. Shame really as ebay started out as a great selling platform , now its all about how much they can make from us sellers. It takes a lot of SEO and time to get traffic to your website. It does take some time to get ahead in google for your key words. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to sit here and say not to utilize Ebay. Granted, Ebay is FAR from perfect, but it accounts for close to 70% of my sales.

Just like you, ebay too has to pay for over head, like employees, commercial property etc….. When people say “I’m going to start my own website & become successful” don’t know what it really takes. Sometimes it might take up to 1 year to get listed or ranked. Also Google always chances there SEO system which makes non-stop hell ride.

  • They must then be diligent about reevaluating that positioning as the competitive landscape changes.
  • There need to be class action law suite filed against ebay for their, intentional, sabotaging business practices, plain and simple.
  • You know what’s way more greedy than wanting 11%?
  • The funds will be automatically transferred on this schedule to save you from having to log in to withdraw.

The project started as a marketplace study at the MIT Media Lab, and in development, the team put a lot of time and computational muscle into clocking the different markets. And with investment help from Google Ventures, Matrix Partners and Greylock Partners, they’ve had the expertise and resources to make it work. EBay fulfillment Germany works with various third-party logistics providers (e.g. JTL, Fiege, or Dreamrobot) that handle the entire logistics process for eBay sellers who have signed up for the program. But all is not lost for sellers hoping for fulfillment by eBay. After all, the program’s success in Germany could provide the company with valuable lessons for a future launch in the US, or any other country. Is the eBay managed payment system the best way to get paid on eBay?

Flat fees are sometimes negotiated for especially large items, such as cars. There’s been a lot of consolidation in the trading-assistant industry. And the ones that are left have gotten a lot choosier about what they’ll try to sell. News Corp is a global, diversified media and information services company focused on creating and distributing authoritative and engaging content and other products and services.

Then you can open your online store and sell online. I have to disagree with your suggestion of not to open an e-bay store. We have had an e-bay store for many years and we are definately profitable.

It’s further evidence that trust on eBay has eroded. Sellers may purposefully or unwittingly send buyers fakes. Buyers may return “rocks in a box” instead of the items they received from sellers. As mentioned above, sellers typically expect to pay 20% and up of the total sales price. Most customer payments will go through Paypal, even if the customer doesn’t have a Paypal account.

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Sorry, eBay and Uber. You’re Hated..

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Add to that a general lack of room to differentiate your offer. Products like these can be hard to sell on eBay, especially if there are already many established sellers in that niche. Once you use up all those listings, you need to start paying to list more items. When this pastime extended beyond the family, she established a commission (25 percent up to $1,000, less for higher-priced items) and credentials. Clients can check her eBay “feedback rating,” which is the percentage of positive responses buyers have submitted.