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There are countless NPM packages for you to create easy but advanced command-line tools according to your app’s requirements. Parts of the code can be easily reused between different components or between backend and frontend (as mentioned before). Cost Efficient – The projected cost to deploy a web app of Node.js is $0.04, which could be covered in the AWS free tier. However, you can also calculate the cost by using AWS Pricing Calculator.

Withal, this technology was embraced with V8 ES6 functionality in 2016. It was Ryan Dahl who introduced Node.js in 2009 to only back Mac OS X and Linux projects. Basically, Working Across Time Zones: Pros, Cons, and Best Practices Ryan Dahl wasn’t happy with Apache HTTP Server because developers needed to operate several connections at the same time when they used this web server.

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By using node.js, no matter how long your content is – all it takes is 2 secs for web pages to load. Also, not to mention that the tech did play a significant role in enhancing the user experience. Among hundreds of Node.js development companies, Techreviewer made a list of top companies specializing in Node.js that can be considered reliable Node.js companies. The Techreviewer team chose companies that can be noted as experienced Node.js developers who master their skills at a high level. These companies can provide experts who will invest their talent in developing web applications, creating great design and providing maintenance services.

Now its use is versatile, operating as a content management system (CMS), HelpDesk,eShop, and more. Allowing users to exchange currencies in a hundred countries and more, this payment processing system uses Node JS for creating its graphical interface. Trello is touted as a revolutionary project management app that has found many takers across the world. It was important for them to choose an event-driven, non-blocking server with an ability to hold many open connections for the instant propagation of updates. It facilitated the entire process and helped Trello move in the correct direction. Trello is a project management app that we embrace in our daily work at Netguru.


Go Daddy is an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. Well, it takes care of the entire backend Although, GoDaddy did not favor Node.js right from the beginning as it used C# and SQL Server something clicked and Node.js came into the picture. According to Node.js Foundation, NASA uses Node.js in several different ways. One of the problems occurring at NASA was water leakage into an astronaut’s helmet. By the end of the day, PayPal benefited from this transition and will remain on top due to the enhanced performance of its app.

Is NodeJS good for big projects?

When to use Nodejs? Node. js is suitable for building scalable and high-performance applications, especially those that require real-time communication or handle a large number of concurrent connections. It is commonly used for developing web servers, streaming applications, chat applications, and IoT devices.

With its flabbergasting $451bln in annual payment volume and 244 million active worldwide users, PayPal made a decision to migrate from Java to JavaScript and Node.js back in 2013. This resulted in 200ms faster page response time and doubled the number of requests they could handle per second. This is why Node.js is a part of our tech stack for web applications that have Netflix-like performance needs or eBay-like scalability expectations.

Why did PayPal shift to Node.js?

As one of the first companies that put Node.js into full production, Uber has built its massive matching system on Node.js. Yahoo! is an American web services provider headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and owned by Verizon Media. Initially, it was using NodeJS for small purposes like uploading files. NASA is supporting the International Space Station and is overseeing the development of the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, the Space Launch System, and Commercial Crew vehicles.

  • It was more than just the simplicity and ease of learning that convinced Groupon to adopt Node.js.
  • If your project requires Node.js developers, Trio can make the hiring process smooth and economical for your organization.
  • That said, Node.js uses a ‘JavaScript everywhere’ paradigm where the web application development depends on JavaScript for both client-side and server-side programming.
  • Considering that matching riders and drivers is the foundation of Uber’s business, zero risks could be taken when it comes to building their matching system.
  • Paypal is used to make % of all online transactions

    in the US.

  • Medium is a data-driven platform that evolves together with the users and their behaviour.

For these companies using Node.js, they’ve picked this software tool as their preferred runtime environment for JavaScript developers. Node.js can be combined with a browser with a site, a database that supports JSON data (such as Postgres,[76] MongoDB, or CouchDB) and JSON for a unified JavaScript development stack. Modern desktop IDEs provide editing and debugging features specifically for Node.js applications. Microservices are becoming a very popular approach in app development and Node.js has it all to support them. Node.js is lightweight and makes it easy to scale applications by deploying instances to different servers or using cluster built-in module that forks processes to all the CPU cores.

The founders of the recently established company have sound 10+ years experience in software development services within numerous verticals, such as insurance, healthcare, media. The good news here is unlike other technologies, there is no need to switch back and forth between back-end and front-end development. In any case, Node.js is the best solution when looking for a backend technology.

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